First US patient treated with VentureMed Group’s Flex

Venture Group Flex
VentureMed Group’s Flex

The first US patient has been treated with VentureMed Group’s Flex scoring catheter. The catheter is used to treat patients with end-stage renal disease.

“Many end-stage renal disease patients receive many years or even decades of dialysis treatments,” says John Pigott, founder and chief science officer at VentureMed Group. “This leads to the creation of arteriovenous fistulas or arteriovenous grafts, which are prone to re-interventions. The use of percutaneous interventions—such as thrombectomy, thrombolysis and/or angioplasty—have become universally included in dialysis treatment algorithms. A vessel-prep device…could potentially prolong the time between re-interventions.”

Jose Vale performed the procedure at the OhioHealth Marion General Hospital in Marion, USA. “Vascular access is a haemodialysis patient’s life line. Arteriovenous fistulas and arteriovenous grafts make haemodialysis treatments possible,” Vale said after the procedure.

“Flex allowed me to successfully recanalise the patient’s occlusion and there have been no reports of incomplete or suboptimal dialysis treatments from the dialysis unit,” Vale explained. “Innovative technologies, like Flex, that potentially reduce overall procedure time, radiation exposure and allows for optimal results is a great option for this patient population.”


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