E-xtra Design Engineering prosthesis successfully implanted for the 3000th time


The 3,000th E-xtra Design Engineering vascular implant (Jotec/CryoLife) was recently inserted successfully. The endovascular implantation was performed at Cologne University’s academic teaching hospital, Porz am Rhein hospital, Cologne, Germany, by senior consultant Thomas May and senior physician Dr Guido Schmitz-Hagnau.

The procedure was performed on a 72-year-old patient with a thoracoabdominal aneurysm and a conventional vascular prosthesis previously implanted in the area of the infrarenal aorta.

According to a company release, based on the relevant medical information, Jotec used E-xtra Design Engineering to develop, produce and deliver a vascular implant tailored to the patient’s anatomy with four external branches and integrated bifurcation in a short space of time.

Jotec explains that E-xtra Design Engineering enables the production of individual vascular implants that are tailored to the patient’s anatomy. The necessary medical information and the resulting specifications are supplied by the hospital providing treatment. E-xtra Design Engineering then checks how the individual therapy plan can be optimally supported. An overall concept is prepared. This firstly includes the implant and, secondly, also additional measures and components that support the physician during implantation—up to and including expert surgical support. Just 18 working days are required to produce a bespoke E-xtra Design Engineering solution as of design drawing approval. With short production times, E-xtra Design Engineering enables the individual endovascular care of complex patient anatomies for which standard implants cannot be used.



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