Does a night on the town influence performance in a sterile gown?


Researchers from Imperial College London will be exploring the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation on endovascular performance at the CX Symposium, London, UK, 4-7 April 2009.

All CX Symposium delegates with interventional experience (>500 therapeutic interventions) are invited to take part in the research.

“Contrary to the aviation industry, that imposes the eight-hour ‘bottle-to-throttle’ rule, there is no regulation of alcohol consumption in relation to professional activities within the medical community,” said lead researcher Professor Nick Cheshire, Imperial College London.

“The main focus of this research project is to evaluate whether the morning-after effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation actually influence endovascular dexterity and performance.”

Participants will perform a renal artery stenting procedure on the Simbionix AngioMentor simulator the day before and the day after attending an evening social function. The procedure itself will be assessed by metrics recorded by the simulator, such as fluoroscopy time, contrast use, and procedure time.

Furthermore the quality of the performance will be assessed using endovascular-derived rating scales, and results from performances on both days will then be compared.

Each session should take just 25 minutes.

“The CX Symposium is an ideal setting for this research project as it brings together a large group of endovascular specialists at an important medical and social event,” added Cheshire.

“We foresee that the research project will be educational for the participants and provide important information on the effects of alcohol and sleep deprivation on surgical dexterity.”

The simulated procedures will be undertaken at stand 111, next to the Training Village and the Learning Centres in the exhibition hall over the four days of the symposium.

All interested delegates are asked to contact the researchers to book a time and date for the simulation.

Does a night on the town influence performance in a sterile gown?

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