CX Aortic Vienna: Cardiac and vascular surgeons collaborate at the vanguard of aortic care


CX Aortic Vienna returns in October for its third edition (24–26 October, Digital), bringing together world-leading specialists from the cardiac and vascular fields to discuss all facets of aortic care from selection to investigation, diagnosis, techniques and technologies. The meeting will showcase the latest approaches—open and endovascular—for the treatment of complex aortic problems spanning the aortic valve to the iliac arteries.

Having attracted a global, online audience during its first two editions, CX Aortic Vienna will continue to reach out to the worldwide aortic surgery community. The 2022 edition features three days of high-quality digital programming, to be broadcast live from 24–26 October for the wider global audience, delivering a total of 15 hours of aortic education, which will also be available on-demand to registered attendees after the event.

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The format for the digital edition will follow the CX style of short talks, debates, and audience interaction, presented live via broadcast. The programme includes open and endovascular aortic techniques and technologies, including edited aortic cases.

For the first time, the meeting will also offer an in-person component from its home city, Vienna, Austria, where CX Aortic Vienna has been invited to provide two 90-minute primetime cutting-edge English-language sessions for attendees of the Dreiländertagung—the joint meeting of the Austrian Society of Vascular Surgery (ÖGG), the Swiss Society for Vascular Surgery (SGG) and the German Society of Vascular Surgery (DGG)—on Thursday, 20 October.

World-leading faculty

The full programme has been curated by a Vascular, Endovascular and Cardiothoracic Executive board comprised of leaders in the field of aortic care including CX Aortic Vienna founding chair Roger Greenhalgh (London, UK), alongside Tilo Kölbel (Hamburg, Germany) who will moderate the in-person session at Dreiländertagung, Afshin Assadian (Vienna, Austria), Roberto Chiesa (Milan, Italy), Martin Grabenwöger (Vienna, Austria), Stéphan Haulon (Paris, France), Gustavo Oderich (Houston, USA), Markus Steinbauer (Regensburg, Germany) and Alexander Zimmermann (Zürich, Switzerland).

“This is, as always, a focus upon the aorta as managed by cardiac aortic surgeons, open vascular surgeons and endovascular surgeons; from the aortic valve at one end, to the iliacs at the other end,” says Greenhalgh of the event’s 2022 edition. “CX Aortic Vienna, for those of you who have been to it before, is for all of those who manage the aorta,” he adds. “This is not just the surgeons, but the physicians—we have radiologists, imaging experts, vascular scientists and vascular nurses. All who manage aortic patients are welcome to come and join us for the digital edition on 24, 25 and 26 October this year.”

“October is the time for aortic disease and to discuss newest trends, technologies and features in aortic therapy,” comments Kölbel. “We are focusing on both open and endovascular techniques and we are inviting the cardiovascular and vascular communities to come to CX Aortic Vienna, with a presence during the Dreiländertagung, and very much to the virtual event that happens a few days later.”

Multidisciplinary approach

The importance of multidisciplinary aortic approaches will be a key strand running through CX Aortic Vienna’s content and discussion, and the 2022 event will continue its mission to bring together specialists of all skills—be they cardiac, vascular or endovascular—to provide a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge aortic treatment.

“CX Aortic Vienna is the unique chance to get together with cardiac surgeons and all kinds of vascular specialists that are treating the aorta,” says Zimmermann, discussing the importance of the multidisciplinary focus at the heart of CX Aortic Vienna. “The problem is that we have a transition zone in the arch and we—as vascular surgeons—move further and further into the ascending aorta with our endovascular techniques. This can only be done with the support of the cardiac surgeons, and this is the reason why we really look forward to CX Aortic Vienna because everyone comes together addressing this complex field.“

Talking points

The programme encompasses discussion and debate spanning key talking points in the aortic space including aortic arch interventions, thoracic dissection, thoracic imaging, thoracoabdominal techniques, juxtarenal, abdominal aortic and iliac artery therapies.

“I have had the honour and the privilege during my career to treat the aorta from the aortic valve all the way to the femoral arteries,” notes Joseph Coselli (Houston, USA), who has been among the expert speakers to have participated in previous editions of CX Aortic Vienna and is returning in 2022. “The entire history of aortic surgery, and vascular surgery to the same extent, has been one of technical and clinical evolution.”

Coselli adds: “The Charing Cross meetings are among the best with regard to the broad spectrum of technology and clinical information and sharing among experts. I would invite everyone to take the opportunity to learn a lot about vascular and aortic surgery at CX Aortic Vienna.”

From 2023 onwards, CX Aortic Vienna will be held annually in October as a hybrid meeting in-person in Vienna whilst simultaneously livestreaming globally.


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