CX 2019 provides a “great platform” to Latin America


“CX meets Latin America” is always an extremely popular and well attended programme, and this year was no exception. Charing Cross Symposium 2019 (CX; 15–18 April, London, UK) brought together practitioners from across the region, providing a forum for lively debate in a spirit of camaraderie and good humour, and chaired by a panel consisting of opinion leaders from Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

Co-chair Luis Mariano Ferreira (Buenos Aires, Argentina) explained to Vascular News why it is important to have the series of talks at CX Symposium.

“CX is one of the only meetings that gives this opportunity to Latin America. It provides us with a great platform to share our experiences with all Latin American surgeons. It is important for us, and therefore important for our patients.”

He said it provided a confidence boost to practitioners to come to CX and discover that “technologically speaking, we are on the same level as the rest of the world. We are not one step below.”

And more importantly, he said, the learning opportunities offered at the symposium allow “physicians to develop and build on their technology and expertise so that they use it better”.

He continued: “You have to realise; we have less experience because we have less numbers of patients. We need European experience and US experience to increase our knowledge base.”

Alvaro Razuk (Sao Paolo, Brazil) was one of the moderators of the programme. He told Vascular News that their had been some “very good sessions”. He said: “We have been talking about some challenging cases, looking at innovation.” He further highlighted a presentation on an endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) outpatient programme, “breaking with tradition in allowing the patient to go home after the procedure”.

“All the societies in Latin America are represented here, sharing their experiences from all the difference countries and pushing their own practice forward.”


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