COVER study finds “increasing competition for services” to be expected due to reduction in services globally


Ruth Benson (Birmingham, UK) and Sandip Nandhra (Newcastle, UK) speak to Vascular News about their presentation on the COVID-19 Vascular Service (COVER) study, which aims to evaluate the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vascular practice, using a three-tier system.

The study found there was a “massive reduction” globally in the services that were provided for a number of conditions, such as carotid surgery, among others. It also found that, despite a very low rate of expected, suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases among vascular patients that had a procedure during the first wave (4%), in-hospital mortality for patients who did have a positive or suspected test “was almost five-fold”.

Benson concludes by saying that their findings suggest there will be “increasing competition for services” and argues it will be up to physicians to be advocates for the patients.


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