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In collaboration with the China Endovascular Course (CEC), at Charing Cross Symposium (CX; 15–18 April, London, UK) played host to [email protected] Wei Guo (Beijing, China), Daqiao Guo (China) and Sheng Wang (Beijing, China) co-chaired a session focused on endovascular aortic aneurysm repair.

Wei Guo opened the session with a presentation of six-month results from the China AcoArt study, setting the stage for eight further abstract presentations followed by audience participation and discussion. Topics ranged from the management of endoleaks after EVAR for AAA to a presentation on a modified proximalisation of the arterial inflow technique for dialysis access-associated Steal Syndrome.

Speaking to Vascular News, Wei Guo commented on the importance of an exchange of
knowledge between the CEC and CX: “We need communication between eastern and western vascular surgeons because of different experiences, evidence, techniques, and devices,” he said. “We need deeper cooperation in order to exchange experiences, which will be helpful not only for doctors but also for patients.”

This is the second year that the China Endovascular Course has been at the Charing Cross Symposium and according to Guo, it is “better than last time”. He noted that this year there are “more and more young doctors who have enough experience and can speak English very well, which means there are now very few barriers to communication.”


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