CE mark approval for Zenith t-Branch, the world’s first off-the-shelf branched thoracoabdominal stent graft


Vascular News has heard from Cook Medical that on Wednesday 6 June, it received the CE mark for the world’s first off-the-shelf thoracoabdominal stent graft, the Zenith t-Branch Thoracoabdominal Endovascular Graft.


Built on Cook Medical’s proven Zenith platform, Zenith t-Branch, combined with a Zenith Universal Distal Body (which also received the CE mark), is an off-the-shelf solution for immediate treatment of thoracoabdominal aneurysms.


Designed with four downward-facing branches, Zenith t-Branch helps preserving blood flow to the patient’s visceral vessels while excluding the aneurysmal sac. Cook noted that, rather than waiting for a customised device or modifying an existing graft at a significant risk to patients, t-Branch offers physicians immediate response and the accommodation of patients’ visceral anatomy, with superior mesenteric artery and coeliac side branches (8mm wide, 18 and 21mm long) and renal side branches (6mm wide, 18mm long).


Patient-specific modularity


Cook added that physicians can custom tailor the Zenith t-Branch system, as it was designed to be used with an extensive selection of individual components, including the Zenith Univeral Distal Body, Zenith Spiral-Z AAA Iliac Leg Grafts and Zenith TX2 TAA Endovascular Grafts.

  • Zenith t-Branch: One size and configuration to simplify device selection.  Available in a 22F delivery system, with 34mm proximal sealing stents, 18mm distal diameter and 202mm length.
  • Zenith Universal Distal Body: Modular bifurcated device to be used in conjunction with t-Branch and other Zenith devices.  Available in four lengths: 81, 98, 115 and 132mm, in a 20F delivery system.