Cagent Vascular announces commercial launch of the Serranator above-the-knee product


Cagent Vascular has announced the expansion of its product offering to include larger balloons to treat superficial femoral and popliteal arteries in the above-the-knee (ATK) segment.

The company launched its Serranator below-the-knee (BTK) product in January 2021. Since then, a press release reports, there has been rapid adoption at targeted centres, where Serranator is quickly becoming the standard of care. The addition of ATK sizes will enable access to an even larger market.

The Serranator percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) serration balloon catheter is an angioplasty device with serrated metal strips embedded on a semi-compliant balloon. The Serranator’s technology is designed to create multiple longitudinal lines of interrupted micro-serrations within the luminal surface to aid in arterial expansion. According to Cagent Vascular, this differentiated mechanism of action results in predictable and controlled lumen gain using low atmospheres of pressure.

An early adopter of Serranator for BTK usage, Peter Soukas (Miriam Hospital, Providence, USA) shared: “I have used the ATK sized balloons, and in my experience, have been impressed with the acute luminal gain in highly calcified arteries. The goal for all angioplasty is to create the biggest lumen possible while minimising dissection. This ideal acute outcome, which I get with the Serranator, will be beneficial in the ATK arteries whether I follow on with a drug coated balloon or a stent. I see this becoming a regular part of my ATK treatment algorithm.”

A company press release details that even some of the largest peripheral interventional programmes in the USA are taking note of the Serranator’s highly differentiated mechanism of action and driving its adoption. “I use the Serranator in my lab because it works. The acute results are real and predictable. The device is reliable”, said Prakash Krishnan (Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA).


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