BTG launch Varithena in Canada


Following Health Canada regulatory approval, BTG is to launch its polidocanol injectable foam (Varithena), a drug/device combination product used to treat varicose veins, in Canada. The product is intended for use in adults with clinically significant venous reflux as diagnosed by duplex ultrasound.

Polidocanol injectable foam is indicated in Canada for the treatment of incompetent great saphenous veins, accessory saphenous veins, and visible varicosities of the great saphenous vein system, above and below the knee.

Polidocanol injectable foam is a uniform, low nitrogen, microfoam dispensed from a proprietary canister device. A physician injects a small amount of the foam into the malfunctioning vein of a patient through a catheter or a needle. It displaces the blood from the vein to reach and treat the vein wall; the diseased vein should then collapse and blood flow is diverted to healthy veins nearby.

“BTG has done a great job preparing the medical community with teaching materials and helpful protocol details,” says Douglas Hill, principal of The Vein Treatment Centre in Calgary, Canada, and president of the Canadian Society of Phlebology.” Polidocanol injectable foam holds great promise to effectively treat varicose vein networks in just one visit and is able to treat large diameter great saphenous veins that may not respond to other extemporaneous foam treatments.”