Annual Congress of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery attracts 500 participants


The 9th Annual Congress of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery has now closed, following three days in which Warsaw became the world capital of vascular surgery. During the conference the leading surgeons from Poland and abroad met in Warsaw;  with active parts taken by the representatives of the European Society for Vascular Surgery, the American Society for Vascular Surgery and the International Society of Endovascular Specialists.

The main topics of the conference were peripheral arteries, carotid arteries and thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysms. The last day of the scientific event was devoted to the presentation of the most interesting and educational clinical cases. Due to the dynamic development of vascular surgery and minimally invasive procedures, the scientific committee for the first time included a special session on the “New Technology Forum” in the programme. During the Forum, the most interesting clinical studies and projects submitted by participants were introduced.

The 9th Annual Congress of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery played host to more than 500 participants, more than 20 foreign lecturers, more than 40 exhibition stands and 15 media patrons.

Piotr Szopiński

“We have successfully presented the achievements of the Polish vascular surgery on the international arena,” says Prof Piotr Szopiński, the president of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery. “We demonstrated the best ideas and studies of our healthcare professionals. We are aware that Polish vascular surgery is becoming one of the important points on the map of innovative medicine of the world.”

“The modern formula of the Conference and its international dimension are the effects of the new strategy of the Polish Society for Vascular Surgery,” explains Katarzyna Cioch, the managing director of the Society. “Our key task, apart from the Society’s activities directed to its members, is the engagement of the broadly understood social groups, public administration, business authorities and the physicians of other specializations.”

The Society has now begun its work organising next year’s jubilee event.


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