Alvimedica obtains injunction by German court against sales of Microport drug-eluting stent featuring abluminal reservoir technology


The Court of Dusseldorf, Germany, has recognised in full the CID-Alvimedica rights on intellectual properties regarding the principles and related technology on drug release from a stent through reservoirs on the outer surface (abluminal reservoir technology) and issued an injunction against AB Handels GmbH, a dealer of Microport stent in Germany, which forbids with immediate effect any commercial action on any version of stent featuring the protected principles.

CID Spa, an Italian company, now member of Alvimedica Group, was the first company in the world to market a polymer-free drug-eluting stent (DES), and the first company to market a reservoir based DES. This knowledge, developed entirely in-house, offers interventional cardiologists the advantages brought by the combination of Co-Cr polymer-free platform, which is integrally coated by an anti-thrombotic ultra-thin pure carbon coating (Bio Inducer Surface), with the proprietary drug release system based on reservoirs on the stent’s outer surface to ensure a prolonged and targeted drug release towards the vessel wall.

The above unique features are coupled with the Amphilimus formulation (sirolimus + fatty acid), another unique patented technology particularly effective in case of diabetes mellitus. In fact diabetic patient cells exhibit a resistance to standard “-limus” drug which results in lower efficacy. Cre8 and Cre8 EVO represent actually the only solution to this issue thanks to the role of fatty acid that acts as a permeation enhancer increasing the sirolimus drug intake into the cells, specifically in the diabetic patient, Alvimedica says.

The innovative features of the Cre8 DES family are part of CID-Alvimedica intellectual property and have been protected by a number of European and US patents, the validity of which has been extended in several countries throughout the years.

Microport, a company based in China, introduced in some countries a DES named Firehawk which reproduces the concept of drug release from grooves on the outer surface of the stent mimicking the Alvimedica design.

“The injunction, issued by the most influential court for patents in Germany, confirms the validity of Alvimedica intellectual property. The company is fully engaged in exploiting all the unique features of its technology in order to extend the undoubtful benefits to the widest patient population,” says Leyla Alaton, President of the Alvimedica Group.


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