AccessClosure launches MynxGrip Vascular Closure Device


AccessClosure has announced FDA approval and US launch of the MynxGrip Vascular Closure Device (VCD).

The MynxGrip VCD has a sealant that actively grips and seals the arteriotomy while expanding and filling the tissue tract, providing a durable haemostasis. The MynxGrip sealant consists of the same Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) polymer used in the original Mynx sealant. Grip Technology is a new configuration of PEG that adheres to the contours of the vessel wall, providing active closure of the arteriotomy. The MynxGrip sealant fully resorbs within 30 days.

“There has been a long-standing perception that closure devices which ‘actively’ close the arteriotomy with sutures or clips provide greater security and have better results. Unfortunately the tradeoff for these closure devices has been leaving foreign material permanently behind in the artery,” said Stevan Himmelstein, cardiologist at Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto, Southaven, Mississippi, USA. “MynxGrip is the first closure device which provides the benefits of an active, secure close while also being completely extravascular and bioabsorbable.”