Abbott launches next-generation peripheral stent system in Europe


Abbott announced on 17 September 2009 the European launch of its next-generation Omnilink Elite Peripheral Stent System for the treatment of iliac artery disease.

The Omnilink Elite is a premium balloon expandable stent system that incorporates Abbott’s latest stent and catheter technologies. The cobalt chromium stent used in the system is designed to provide excellent deliverability and flexibility without compromising strength or visibility under X-ray. The device is designed and manufactured in Rangendingen, Germany.

“Iliac stenting is an excellent first-line interventional treatment option for peripheral artery disease patients as it is less invasive than surgery and has the potential to improve patient outcomes. With its flexibility, deliverability, and low profile, the Omnilink Elite sets a new standard for ease-of-use in iliac treatment,” said Thomas Jahnke of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany. “In addition, this technology has the potential to shorten procedure times in more challenging cases, because the system uses a common sheath size for all stents. This eliminates the need to switch to a larger sheath if a different size stent system is needed during the procedure.”

Abbott is committed to making investments in endovascular therapies and educational programmes and to designing and conducting endovascular clinical trials. The company recently initiated a clinical trial called MOBILITY to study the company’s investigational Omnilink Elite and Absolute Pro Peripheral Stent Systems in patients with iliac artery disease in the US. In addition, the BRAVISSIMO trial, an investigator-sponsored study conducted at multiple sites in Europe, will investigate long-term outcomes of Abbott’s Absolute Pro and Omnilink Elite stent systems for the treatment of simple and complex lesions of the iliac artery. Marc Bosiers, of the AZ Sint-Blasius in Dendermonde, Belgium, is the principal investigator of the BRAVISSIMO study.