Virtual CX Training Village makes its debut


The Village gives physicians the opportunity to use a training simulator, developed by the Swedish company Mentice, providing realistic visual and tactile feedback. The innovative training allows physicians to become proficient at procedure in a very short timeframe without the pressures of actual surgery, utilising a virtual anatomy created from a 3D scan of the patient’s anatomy. Mentice believes that in the future this type of training will become mandatory in the education of physicians.

“In several clinical studies it has been proven that our Procedicus simulators, such as Procedicus MIST and Procedicus VIST, improved performance in the operating room. We can now advance the field of endovascular simulation to the next generation: Patient specific training and pre procedure planning and rehearsal”, said Mr Jonas Ohlsson, President of Mentice Corporation.

Simbionix will introduce ANGIO Mentor training system, its new simulation technology for interventional procedures. Simbionix Mentor Simulators are designed for efficient “hands-on” training of physicians in advanced surgical and interventional procedures, the improvement of Continuing Medical Education (CME), and economic and safe medicine.

In addition, Limbs and Things’ surgical models will provide the opportunity for training in open surgical techniques. The company’s Arterial Procedures Trainer package contains Femoral Popliteal Bypass Trainer modules; Femorodistal Anastomosis (FA) Trainer modules; Carotid Endarterectomy (CE) Trainer modules; Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Repair Trainer (common iliac aneurysm, internal iliac aneurysm and juxtarenal repair) modules.

Mentice provides turnkey solutions including hardware, software and technical support from entry-level skills acquisition to high-fidelity procedural training. With the Procedicus products, Mentice focuses on the following minimally invasive surgery areas: endovascular intervention, laparoscopy and arthroscopy. For more information or to register for the training day, visit

Simbionix provides medical simulation technology through computer-assisted medical simulation training systems, setting the standard for minimally invasive surgical training and performance. For more information, visit

Limbs & Things supplies training and demonstration materials for healthcare professionals, incorporating synthetic soft tissue models, multimedia training systems and a design & build service. For more information, visit