Vascular Solutions launches the OptiSeal valved peelable introducer


Vascular Solutions announces the immediate availability of the OptiSeal valved peelable introducer, an ergonomic peel-away introducer sheath to facilitate placement of device leads and catheters in the venous system. 

The OptiSeal combines a sheath constructed from PTFE with a proprietary valve for optimal insertion and sealing, preserving the integrity of the lead or catheter.  The locking hub prevents separation of the sheath and dilator during insertion into the vessel, and a smooth sheath-to-dilator transition provides atraumatic vessel access. 


The OptiSeal system advances safety and simplicity and is designed to reduce risk of air embolism as well as limit the clinician’s exposure to blood-borne pathogens. 


Each OptiSeal system contains a 13cm peel-away valved introducer sheath with a locking dilator, a 60cm 0.035” guidewire, an 18 gauge needle, and a 12cc syringe.  OptiSeal introducers are available in seven sizes, from 6F to 12F, color coded by French size for easy identification.