The endovascular revolution is well under way in Central Macedonia


In the prefecture of Thessaloniki, Professor Dimitris Kiskinis held on “Aristotle Vascular Experts meeting” on 29-30th May. From this historically fascinating city, ‘liberated’ from the Turks by the Greek army in 1912 after centuries of Turkish rule, endovascular procedures are available to nearby population in North Greece just south of the independent Macedonia of the former Yugoslavia.

Intracranial stenting

The usual comparisons of an expert faculty including Professors Dieter Raithel, Peter Harris, Georgio Biasi and Fernandes y Fernandes opened the way for “cutting edge” presentations. Professor Wei-Jian Jiang described 169 patients with symptomatic intracranial stenoses of 75%, with lesions less than 2cm long. Stent was reported in 91%, the occurrence of stroke in 6% and a total complication rate of 11%.

This series was achieved by two dedicated neuroradiologists. It emphasized the advances which that discipline brings to the table. It is worth remembering that neuroradiology skills can be required to correct stenting. In the name of Aristotle, Professor Kiskinis is to be congratulated for emphasizing to a distinguished vascular faculty that the wider aspects of carotid stenting require a plethora of new skills.

In should be added that Professor Kiskinis showed great initiative – he found Professor Wei-Jian Jiang on the internet and reached him via the company who make intracranial stents.