Terumo Aortic announces first implant of custom-made thoracoabdominal hybrid device in North America


Terumo Aortic today announced the first North American implant of a custom-made hybrid device, Thoracoflo.

A press release notes that the device is used to treat patients with thoracoabdominal aortic disease using a less invasive surgical technique than traditional open surgical repair.

This thoracoabdominal repair procedure using Thoracoflo was carried out by Randy Moore (University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada). Moore and the team at University of Calgary were supported by Sabine Wipper (University Hospital Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria). Terumo Aortic details that Moore was able to access the device through the Health Canada Special Access programme.

The lead centre in Europe for this hybrid procedure, the company states, is the University Heart Center in Hamburg, Germany, under the direction of Sebastian Debus.

Moore commented: “This unique hybrid graft was designed through Terumo Aortic’s custom device programme, specifically for the patient we were treating. With no other device with similar technology currently available globally for thoracoabdominal aortic repair, the Thoracoflo graft is designed to reduce the risk of complications associated with thoracotomy and extracorporeal circulation. This is the first time the device has been implanted in North America; it was easy to implant, and the procedure was uneventful and straightforward. The patient is recovering well with no complications postoperatively.”

John Canning, chief technology and marketing officer at Terumo Aortic said: “This expansion into North America represents a significant commitment to developing patient specific solutions to treat a wider group of patients as part of our comprehensive surgical, endovascular and hybrid portfolio.”

Terumo Aortic relays that Thoracoflo incorporates a combination of Terumo Aortic’s Gelweave woven polyester grafts and ring-stent technology to address the patient’s specific anatomy.


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