Stereotaxis annouces first CTO crossing procedure with PowerAssert


Stereotaxis has announced the first crossing of a chronic total occlusion (CTO) using the RF PowerAssert magnetic guidewire. Cleared by the FDA in 2008, the guidewire is the only magnetically enabled device available for crossing peripheral occlusions, including CTO. Used with the Niobe Magnetic Navigation System, it is a solution that enables precise intra-lesion control of its distal tip.

Dr Frank Zidar, Austin Heart, US, used the new device on 7 January 2009, on a patient with severe peripheral artery disease (PAD). The patient had 100% blockage in a main artery in his leg that caused chronic, severe pain due to poor circulation.

“This new magnetic guidewire technology provided great control and improved accuracy over traditional, manual guidewires,” said Zidar. “Once we reached the blockage, the tip of the guidewire burned a tiny passage through the blockage, allowing us then to use existing techniques to open up the blockage further and restore healthy blood flow to the patient’s leg. This revolutionary technology will likely reduce procedures times, and therefore reduce the amount of contrast dye and imaging radiation to the patient.”