Roxwood Medical announces full US launch of its MicroCross catheter


Roxwood Medical has said now that more than 500 patients have been successfully treated with its MicroCross catheter (as part of an initial limited release), it is now going to fully launch the catheter in the USA. The catheter is FDA-cleared and is offered in two sizes (Micro14 and Micro18) for use in the coronary and peripheral vasculatures, providing enhanced guidewire support through challenging and tortuous anatomy.

A press release reports that compatible with the company’s CenterCross catheter, the MicroCross is comprised of an ultra-low profile shaft featuring variable pitch braid technology and a state-of-the-art lubricious coating. It adds that these features allow for enhanced trackability and guidewire support while navigating tortuous regions of the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

Jeff Moses (Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA), comments: “I have been impressed with the performance of the catheter in my early experience. The increased complexity of our treatment approach for coronary occlusions puts a lot of demand on the tools we use. The low profile and trackability of Micro14 provides an exciting new tool for us to access and cross these highly complex lesions.”

Fadi Saab (Metro Heart Hospital, Wyoming, USA), says: “Since first using the Micro14 and Micro18, we continue to be struck by the performance of the catheters, which have quickly become an essential part of our critical limb ischaemia toolkit. These are now our frontline tools to navigate across difficult lower extremity blockages, leading to effective treatment of our patients’ severe peripheral arterial disease.”