NHS to fast-track SecurAcath device use


securacathInterrad Medical has announced the selection of their SecurAcath Subcutaneous Catheter Securement Device for the Innovation and Technology Payment programme by the UK National Health Service (NHS) England.

The Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme is designed to remove significant barriers to the spread and adoption of new innovations and builds on the NHS commitment to support technologies that can make a real difference in patient care and outcomes. The programme delivers improvements in patient care by cutting bureaucracy for clinicians and other innovators and encouraging uptake through the NHS.

The SecurAcath underwent a detailed selection process. Over 250 medical technologies applied for the program and only four were selected. Selected innovations had to already be in use, and ready for scaling—and delivering significantly increased quality, improved efficiency and patient benefit.

Under the ITP programme, the SecurAcath will be centrally funded by the NHS. In addition, the ITP will work with other NHS organizations and partners to speed the adoption of the SecurAcath.

The SecurAcath is the only subcutaneous catheter securement device that lasts the life of the line and can dramatically decrease catheter dislodgement and migration, decrease catheter replacement costs, prevent therapy interruption, improve vessel health and preservation, reduce catheter complications and lower total cost of patient care.

In a press release, the NHS described the SecurAcath: “A device to secure catheters that reduces the infection risk for patients with a peripherally inserted central catheter. The use of this equipment helps to reduce the time taken to care and treat dressing changes. This type of catheter is normally used in people needing intravenous access for several weeks or months in both inpatient and outpatient settings. NICE estimate up to 120,000 people per year could be eligible.”

Interrad Medical is a privately held medical device company based in Plymouth, USA. Joe Goldberger, the company’s president and CEO commented, “We are very pleased the SecurAcath was chosen to be included in this highly select group of important innovations”, adding that he believes the device is “a perfect fit with the ITP programme goals of providing significant cost savings and improving patient care”.


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