New SVS peripheral artery disease reporting standards announced


The Society for Vascular Surgery has released new reporting standards focused on endovascular treatment of chronic lower extremity peripheral artery disease. Recommended reporting standards for lower extremity ischaemia were last published by the SVS in 1997.

The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the variety of endovascular devices and techniques to treat occlusive disease, the report authors state, and “the literature surrounding therapy for endovascular arterial disease consists of mixed-quality manuscripts without clear standardisation.”

This document clarifies and updates the 1997 standards, specifically for reports on endovascular treatment. The document is divided into sections: Claudication reporting, critical limb ischaemia reporting, pre-intervention assessment and non-anatomic treatment, intervention, outcome measures – procedural, outcome measures – disease specific and complications.

The document provides a summary for reporting endovascular revascularisation techniques in the setting of chronic disease, with much of it based on prior publications and SVS-proposed standards.

It also should:
• Serve as a guide for the design of clinical trials
• Be a reference for journal editors and reviewers when considering scientific work pertaining to endovascular therapy for chronic lower extremity arterial disease.