Mobile app launched to optimise wound imaging and assessment

Scout Mobile App

WoundVision, the manufacturer of the industry’s first long-wave infrared thermography (LWIT) solution for mitigating risk associated with hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) and other wounds, has announced the expansion of its product offering with the debut of the Scout Mobile app.

Built to streamline and simplify wound documentation, Scout Mobile is said to be an enterprise mobile wound management app that standardises wound photography, measurement, and assessment across the entire healthcare continuum. With multi-platform support for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the HIPAA-compliant solution also eliminates the inaccuracies of paper rulers and fulfills minimum documentation requirements while seamlessly integrating into electronic medical record (EMR) workflows.

With the addition of a mobile app to their existing Scout product suite, WoundVision becomes the industry’s first and only full-service provider of wound imaging and documentation solutions. Positioned as the healthcare industry’s one-stop-shop for all digital wound management needs, this solution is comprised of the Scout multi-modal imaging device (photographic and thermographic), the Scout Software, EMR integration and now the Scout Mobile app. Providers now have access to a complete range of solutions that includes:

  • The industry’s only anatomical and physiological imaging solution to identify deep tissue pressure injury (DTPI) present on admission (POA)
  • A mobile imaging app for wound photography, measurement and assessment across the entire continuum of care
  • An enterprise software solution that standardises all POA documentation and wound measurement and assessment
  • Seamless EMR integration into existing clinical workflows

“In a market that is saturated with mobile wound photography apps and other single-capability products, Scout Mobile ties all of our solutions together, positioning us as the industry’s only full-service wound imaging and documentation solution,” said James G. Spahn, co-founder and CEO of WoundVision.

He added: “Until now, there has never been a solutions provider capable of solving a hospital or health system’s HAPI problem and standardising wound documentation while seamlessly integrating both into the EMR. And with more and more healthcare systems looking to standardize across the continuum of care, we’ve created a scalable solution that minimizes variation in care and outcomes across the healthcare enterprise, no matter its size or setting.”

The burden of pressure injuries and other wounds on the US healthcare system is immense. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), pressure injuries were the only Hospital-Acquired Condition (HACs) to increase between 2014 and 2017.

According to US National Institutes of Health, chronic wounds affect 6.5 million people in the USA. With the healthcare industry shifting towards pay-for-performance and value-based care, WoundVision’s full-service wound imaging and documentation solution will help providers of all sizes and needs mitigate risk associated with HACs, standardise wound assessment and streamline EMR workflows to create a better patient experience across all care settings.


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