Jotec announces completion of more than 500 implantations of E-liac worldwide


Jotec has announced that since the worldwide market launch more than 500 patients have been successfully treated with the E-liac stent graft. According to the company, E-liac is an innovative stent graft system used not only for the endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysms but also for isolated iliac aneurysms to preserve blood flow into the internal iliac artery.

Based on the clinical experiences with the device, Jotec has extended the existing product range by 14mm in proximal diameter with a 65mm proximal length. In case of aorto-iliac aneurysms these new versions provide up to 35mm overlapping zone with the connecting contralateral leg which, according to Jotec, gives a high safety against disconnection in angulated anatomies. The new configurations offer also more flexibility in choosing the right length of the connecting leg in order to use existing lengths more properly.

“The E-liac stent graft features innovative technical solutions such as a unique asymmetric spring configuration to achieve high 3D flexibility while maintaining appropriate longitudinal stiffness. This allows best vessel adaption even in angulated iliac arteries. A free standing side branch with distal compression stent as well as excellent X-ray visibility are further important features of the stent graft,” the company stated in a press release. Jotec continued, “Various configurations in diameter and lengths are available for choosing the right product for best individual treatment of the patient. A low profile 18F catheter is used for the delivery system offering excellent pushability and enhanced flexibility without risk of kinking. The delivery system was adapted for cross-over manoeuvres and is equipped with the well proven Squeeze-to-Release deployment mechanism for stepwise or continuous release of the stent graft.”