Invatec announces launch of REEF HP PTA balloon catheter in Europe at CIRSE 2009


New catheter specifically designed for arteriovenous shunts and hard-to-dilate peripheral lesions.

Invatec announced the availability of REEF HP, a percutaneous transmilunal angioplasty balloon catheter, ideal for use in all peripheral high pressure dilatation procedures. The “lesion-specific” design of the balloon material is particularly useful in “hard-to-dilate” situations and the availability of variable shaft lengths mean that the Reef HP is equally suited to both arteriovenous shunts (50cm shaft),and peripheral applications (80/120cm shaft).

”The REEF HP is a robust and highly stable balloon, capable of counteracting even the most severe arterial lesions, with minimal slippage and a high pressure threshold,” said Stefan Widensohler and Andrea Venturelli, co-founders of Invatec. “It has a ‘lesion-specific’ design that is ideal for use in dialysis patients whose arteriovenous shunts often create short, fibrous, and hard-to-dilate lesions where the shunt is connected to the native vessel,” they added. I

The REEF HP balloon is made from Invatec’s proprietary FLEXITEC XF, an extremely durable material with a large working pressure range of up to 22 bar, offering complete control during high pressure procedures. It is also a low compliant balloon, offering a uniform dilatation force and strong shape retention to dilate resistive lesions with greater success and extreme stability.