Study shows those with in-tack restenosis have shorter lesions than those with in-stent restenosis


Raghu Kolluri (Columbus, USA) talks to Vascular News about a recent comparative study looking at differences between in-tack and in-stent restenosis. The study examined data from the TOBA II trial–specifically 28 patients who had received some form of reintervention–with the goal to assess their restenotic patterns. Kolluri et al at the Syntropic core lab, then compared these patterns with those from a study by Tosaka et al, which examined patterns of in-stent restenosis after femoropopliteal stenting.

The findings of the comparative study showed, according to Kolluri, that although the patients had different indications and dissections, those in the tack group who came back with restenosis had shorter lesion lengths and receiving less metal compared with those who had receive a stent implantation. Kolluri concludes by highlighting how the study has made him think “are we missing any dissections after the tacks are placed” and “should we be looking more carefully to decrease even the low 13% clinically-driven target lesion revascularisation which was reported in the TOBA II trial”.


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