Gore honours “Pioneers”


W L Gore & Associates (Gore) honoured seven physicians as “Pioneers in Performance” for exceptional work in the field of endovascular therapy during the International Congress on Endovascular Interventions XXII held in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 6-12 February 2009.

“We have been involved with the products of Gore for almost 16 years,” said award recipient Jacques Bleyn of the Antwerp Blood-Vessel Center, Belgium.

“It’s because we found in this company a listening ear to what doctors have to say about their involvement in the treatment of vascular disease that I’ve been working with them.

“The award is especially pleasing because I have received it alongside prestigious colleagues like Juan Parodi and Ted Diethrich. I’m very flattered by this and happy to receive recognition for the work that I have done with Gore.”

The practitioners were recognised by Gore for their unrelenting dedication to advancing endovascular therapy and minimally invasive treatment options for patients worldwide. The work performed by these individuals has expanded therapeutic options for at-risk patients, as endovascular therapy has now replaced a number of open surgical procedures.

The following physicians were honoured at the event:

  • Jacques Bleyn, Antwerp Blood-Vessel Center (Belgium), for the development of the endoluminal “throughpass” in the superficial femoral artery.
  • Michael Dake, Radiologist, Stanford University (California, USA), for his work in advancing endoluminal treatment of thoracic aortic disease.
  • Edward Diethrich, Arizona Heart Institute (USA), for pioneering the multidisciplinary approach to endovascular therapy.
  • Jon Matsumura, Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Illinois, USA), for his excellence in clinical trials and research.
  • Juan Parodi, Jackson Memorial Hospital (Miami, USA), for his innovative solutions in endovascular therapy.
  • Claudio Schönholz, Medical University of South Carolina (USA), for initiating broad novel concepts in the interventional treatment of the vascular anatomy.
  • Frank Veith, Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA), for expanding the clinical awareness of endovascular treatment.

“We are proud to recognise these ‘Pioneers’ for their extraordinary contributions to the endovascular community,” said John Sininger, Gore Medical Products Divisional Leader.

“Gore prides itself on continually pursuing new, innovative technologies that improve patients’ lives. The work and dedication of these researchers and clinicians are critical in helping us develop products that embody innovation, reliability and proven performance.”

“In order to truly advance treatments, and to provide better care to patients, it is very important for physicians in the field to work hand in hand with product manufacturers,” said Michael Dake.

“Gore understands and values this critical relationship as a means to innovation. It is an honour to be recognised as a pioneer in endovascular therapy.”

The collaboration between Gore and physician pioneers has resulted in the development of minimally invasive treatment options for safely and effectively managing patients with aneurysms, including the Tag thoracic endoprosthesis and the Gore Excluder abdominal aortic aneurysm endoprosthesis.

These important partnerships have also yielded first-in-class products such as the Viabahn endoprosthesis with heparin bioactive surface which is used to treat patients with peripheral vascular disease, and the new Flow Reversal System which minimises the risk of emboli reaching the brain during critical stages of carotid artery stenting, expanding treatment options for broad patient populations with carotid artery disease.