Getinge Group and GE launch new angiography integrated solution for Hybrid OR procedures in the US


Getinge Group announced on 25 August 2016 the launch of a new, highly flexible angiography solution for surgery, interventional and Hybrid operating room (OR) procedures in the United States. Jointly developed with GE Healthcare, a leader in providing transformational medical technologies, this integrated solution pairs the Magnus OR table system from Getinge Group’s Maquet brand with GE’s Discovery IGS 730 angiography system. According to Getinge Group, the combination of these two state-of-the art systems enables hospitals to expand the range of surgical procedures and interventions they offer patients as well as optimise the use of their Hybrid OR.

Getinge Group and GE Healthcare showcased the new angiography integrated solution during the Society for Vascular Surgery’s (SVS) 2016 Vascular Annual Meeting, which was held 9–11 June in Washington, DC, USA.

“Hybrid ORs have become the standard of care at medical centres throughout the United States as these multidisciplinary and multipurpose rooms have been shown to lead to improved clinical outcomes for cardiothoracic and other patients,” said Mark Rider, vice president of Marketing for the Americas, Surgical Workflows Division of Getinge Group. “With the US launch of this new integrated solution that combines our Magnus OR table system, the centrepiece of a Hybrid OR, with GE’s angiography system, hospitals across the country will be able to provide the best care for their patients who require a variety of multidisciplinary surgical interventions.”

The Maquet Magnus OR table system can be used for advanced imaging applications as well as surgical procedures. It is versatile and has a “floating” function that enables quick and precise movements during catheter-based interventions. It can utilise interchangeable table tops for multiple clinical applications, ranging from the most advanced 360-degree 3D diagnostic imaging to specialised surgical procedures. The Discovery IGS 730 has a laser-guided mobile gantry that allows it to be conveniently positioned throughout the OR with high predictability to provide the medical team with full patient access. It also enables high-quality 2D imagery as well as cone-beam CT HD and multimodality 3D Fusion imaging.

About Hybrid ORs

In a Hybrid OR, advanced diagnostic imaging equipment is contained within a traditional OR environment, creating a multidisciplinary space that allows medical professionals from different specialties to work together in order to both diagnose and treat patients in the same location as well as perform both open and minimally invasive procedures. With a Hybrid OR, medical professionals can perform a surgical procedure while simultaneously carrying out diagnostic imaging with sophisticated systems that would typically be found only in another department of the hospital. The advanced room design allows for a patient to transition from an interventional to a surgical procedure without needing to be transported to another setting. With a Hybrid OR, procedures can be performed efficiently, allowing for reduced time in the OR setting and improved clinical outcomes for patients. Other benefits of a Hybrid OR include faster diagnosis and treatment of patients, more efficient workflows and streamlined clinical efficiencies.