Getinge becomes a single brand company and launches Advanta V12 32mm balloon-expandable covered stent


Getinge has announced that, in order to better convey its customer offering and strengthen its position, it has grouped its portfolio under one single brand – Getinge. The company has also now launched the Advanta V12 32mm balloon-expandable covered stent.

A company press release states that “the Getinge Group’s rapid growth, mainly through acquisitions, over the last 25 years has built up an extensive brand portfolio with brands like Maquet, Lancer, Atrium and more. In line with the ongoing company transformation, Getinge now takes the next step to unify its offering under the Getinge brand.”

According to Getinge, all the group’s products will carry the Getinge logo and the redesigned company logo is accompanied by a new identity and tonality that contribute to reinforcing the customer-centric face of Getinge. Some of the current brands within the Getinge Group, such as Maquet, will become product family names under the Getinge master brand.

Getinge has also launched its new Advanta V12 32mm balloon-expandable covered stent. The Advanta V12 covered stent is a low profile, pre-mounted balloon-expandable covered stent made of a radial expandable 316L stainless steel that is completely encapsulated with a patented one-piece PTFE covering technology. Getinge’s proprietary covering technology creates a microporous PTFE layer that completely encapsulates the stainless steel stent and allows for uniform expansion without ridges or folds in the material being formed. V12 is customisable with the ability to post dilate to meet each patients anatomical needs. The Advanta V12 covered stent is CE marked for restoring the patency of iliac and renal arteries. Renal approval is for 5–7mm sizes. The Advanta V12 covered stent is not available in the USA.