FluidSmart 3D multilayer stent treats


FluidSmart 3D multilayer stent treats renal artery aneurysm.

Cardiatis have announced the successful treatment of the first renal artery aneurysm (RAA) patient with the company’s FluidSmart Three Dimensional Multilayer Braided Stent. FluidSmart, an investigational device in the European Union, is a next generation technology for endovascular aneurysm repair. The first treated patient underwent a minimally invasive endovascular procedure that placed a Cardiatis hemodynamic modulating stent to treat a large renal artery saccular aneurysm with side branches in December 2006. Follow-up angiogram showed successful deployment and reduction in flow within aneurysm with improved flow within the main artery as well as within vital collateral circulation. The seven-month follow up angiogram in July 2007 confirmed reduction in aneurysm size, collapse of the aneurismal sac and preservation and improved flow in vital collateral circulation. The aneurysm remains excluded from circulation while branches remain open and functional. “Advances in endovascular techniques are allowing investigators to attempt endovascular therapy for renal artery aneurysms and other visceral aneurysms,” stated Professor Antonios Polydorou. “The Cardiatis FluidSmart 3D multilayer stent was selected for this humanitarian case due to its low profile and its ability to exclude aneurysms from circulation while preserving vital collaterals.”