US FDA clears Adhezion Biomedical’s SecurePortIV catheter adhesive


Adhezion BiomedicalThe US Food and Drug Administration has cleared Adhezion Biomedical’s  SecurePortIV catheter securement adhesive for marketing.

The adhesive is comprised of a cyanoacrylate formulation. It can be used with short-term or long-term vascular access devices to enhance device securement, seal the catheter insertion site, protect the patient from catheter related blood stream infection, and provide a water-resistant barrier.

SecurePortIV comes in a patented ergonomic applicator.

The adhesive is applied to the skin under the hub of vascular access devices, and forms a film that holds the catheter to the skin to reduce catheter movement, migration, and/or dislodgment.

SecurePortIV is also applied over the catheter-skin insertion site forming a seal proven to immobilise surface bacteria and fungi, preventing them from entering into the catheter skin entry site while also providing a moisture-proof barrier.

The sealing effect could also help reduce the frequency of dressing changes.


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