High-quality evidence from multiple sources “key” to holistic assessment of endograft performance


Matt Thompson (Irvine, USA) talks to VEITHtv about his role, as chief medical officer at Endologix, in assessing the diverse portfolio of endografts and their performance.

Thompson notes that because different endograft designs have different strengths and complications, “it is important to look at multiple parameters of performance” and assess these devices “holistically”, not just based on single failure modes, which are clearly important, but need to be weighted appropriately.

In regards to data sources that underpin graft performance, these need to be “valid, verifiable and unbiased” and ideally to have an active comparator, says Thompson, who also goes on to cite the LEOPARD trial three-year randomised controlled data, a large independent dataset, internal complaints datasets with large numbers of patients and specially commissioned meta-analyses being available to the company to benchmark its current product on the market, AFX2.

Thompson alludes to the culture of accountability at Endologix and importance of being “accountable for our data to patients and physicians”.

This video is sponsored by Endologix.


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