CX 31- Doctors’ orders: Time to visit London!


With the exchange rate being so favourable to visitors from abroad, it’s never been better to head towards the UK’s capital for the CX Symposium in April.

“I am looking forward to being in London again. In fact, because of the economic climate, my wife, Brigitta, is all set to accompany me as well. It will be fun, and one of the things we are eagerly anticipating outside the symposium, is going to the Royal Festival Hall to listen to classical music!”
Dr Jesper Swedenborg, Professor of Vascular Surgery, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

“This is an excellent time to visit London. The snows of winter should be well past, and my wife and I have just purchased a pair of wind proof umbrellas that we are dying to try out. From the look of things we will probably get a chance. Being from Southern California we are a bit anxious about the weather, but I doubt if we will drown.

The slippage of the pound against the dollar is good news for us. We were pretty much resigned to fish and chips with the occasional pub dinner to see us through. Now we may be able to enjoy a restaurant or two. I had cautioned my wife that if we visit Harrods we would most likely be standing outside with our noses pressed against the glass, but now we can actually go inside and maybe buy something. We are very much looking forward to the trip.”

Dr Norman Baron, vascular surgeon from the USA, will fly to London with his wife Miriam, nurse and wound care specialist

“It is great to visit London at any time. The economic crisis will undoubtedly influence the number of attendees in the symposium, but this, in my opinion, will be overshadowed by the quality of the event, which will really form the basis for delegates’ decisions. But yes, the currency exchange certainly played a part in influencing my decision, as Sterling has fallen against the Brazilian Real.”
Dr Giancarlo Grossi, cardiovascular surgeon from Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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