Cook Medical announces Beacon sizing tip catheter availability in USA and Canada

Beacon tip sizing catheter

Cook Medical have announced that Beacon tip sizing catheters are now available in the USA and Canada. The Beacon catheter is available in a variety of lengths and tip configurations, a recent press release adds.

The Beacon catheter is used in angiographic procedures, diagnostic procedures and vascular interventions to make sure medical devices are sized correctly. These catheters are uniquely designed to help physicians correctly size devices, such as grafts, stents and balloons, to identify the best size of product to use for an individual patient’s situation. Sizing catheters also help to measure lesions accurately under fluoroscopy.

Cook is offering the Beacon tip sizing catheter in 14 sizes so physicians have catheters for a wide variety of procedures. The Beacon tip sizing catheter is available in centimetre, cava and white sizing configurations, as well as in pigtail, varrel contralateral flush (VCF) and straight tip shapes. All tip configurations are radiopaque for high visibility under fluoroscopy.

“This catheter complements and enhances our portfolio of vessel sizing products. Cook’s portfolio is uniquely positioned to support interventional procedures from initial access throughout the intervention,” said Remco Van der Meel, director of product management for Cook’s interventional specialty. “This sizing tool is an instrumental device during aortic interventions, a space where Cook is dedicated to. By offering our premium, accurate, gold-banded sizing catheters again, we are continuing to expand our ‘access and target’ portfolio to support complex interventions.”


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