CE mark for Magellan10F robotic catheter


Hansen Medical has announced that the company’s Magellan 10F robotic catheter has received the CE mark for use in the peripheral vasculature. Achieving this milestone allows the company to market the Magellan 10F robotic catheter in Europe and other countries that require the CE mark.

The Magellan 10F robotic catheter is the latest addition to the family of robotic catheters used with the Magellan robotic system. According to Hansen Medical, the 10F catheter allows for independent, robotic control of the distal tips of two telescoping catheters (an outer guide and an inner leader catheter). The guide catheter has a 10F outer diameter, and features the largest inner lumen (7F) in the Magellan catheter family, which enables delivery of therapeutic devices through the robotic catheter in a broader range of endovascular procedures.

“The Magellan 10F robotic catheter is an important advance for intravascular robotics and the Magellan robotic system,” says Thomas Nolte, director of the Vascular Center at the Heart & Vascular Center in Bad Bevensen, Germany. “The larger inner lumen will enable physicians to precisely deliver therapeutic devices through a stable, robotic catheter platform in many more vascular procedures. In particular, many complex endovascular aneurysm repairs and lower extremity arterial revascularisations involve delivery of stents, balloons or other devices requiring a 7F catheter inner lumen.”

The Magellan robotic system is an advanced technology that drives Magellan robotic catheters and guide wires during endovascular procedures. Magellan is designed to offer procedural predictability, control, and catheter stability to physicians as they navigate through the blood vessels and deliver therapy. Magellan’s remote workstation allows physicians to control robotic catheters and guide wires while seated away from the radiation field, potentially reducing physicians’ radiation exposure and procedural fatigue.

“We are excited to begin introduction of the Magellan 10F catheter,” says Cary Vance, president and chief executive officer of Hansen Medical. “We are focused on broadening the capabilities and utility of the Magellan robotic system in the minimally-invasive treatment of vascular disease. With this new catheter, our physician and hospital customers can expand utilisation of Magellan, and we believe that many more patients will now be able to benefit from the precision, stability and control offered by the Magellan.”