Bolton Medical receives the CE mark for Treo abdominal stent graft system


Bolton Medical has received the CE mark for the Treo abdominal stent graft system used to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAAs).

Bolton Medical says that the Treo system “is designed to provide the patient and physician with confidence in the treatment of AAAs”. Modularly designed as a three-piece system, the system offers a range of sizes that allow for precise treatment and greater patient applicability. As the only endovascular aortic repair (EVAR) solution with dual proximal fixation and a unique proximal clasping mechanism, Treo was engineered to allow for accurate and controlled deployment and provide long-term stability of the stent graft.

“We believe that in EVAR, the tri-modular strategy is the best approach,” said Scott Rush, vice president of research and development. “This is because it allows you to deliver a tailored solution to each patient by selecting specific components to precisely work in that individual anatomy.”

“Stent migration and endoleaks are major concerns in EVAR,” said John Henretta, Carolina Vascular. “The Treo stent graft offers both suprarenal and infrarenal fixation, distributing the attachment points in two different anatomical levels, which may work to reduce potential endoleaks, particularly in angulated necks. I expect this to lower re-intervention rates in my practice.”

Bolton Medical will begin a limited market release of Treo with selected customers in Europe beginning in October and will officially launch Treo at the Leipzig Interventional Course in January 2016.

“We are looking forward to sharing the Treo technology with a global audience in January,” said Paul Kuznik, chief executive officer. “We will showcase the technology with deployment demonstrations at our booth, expert panel discussions, and live case presentations.”