biolitec introduces new Leonardo Mini multi-function laser


biolitec has announced the development of a “revolutionary, versatile and compact laser for medical application,” with the Leonardo Mini—“a space-saving, efficient, and versatile multi-functional laser,” a company press release says.

The device, weighing only 900g, is available in two designs; one with a wavelength of 1470nm and the other as the Leonardo Mini Dual, with two wavelengths of 980nm and 1470nm. The Leonardo Mini is designed for established biolitec treatments for venous diseases, haemorrhoids and fistulae, a broad spectrum of HNO diseases and gynaecological diseases.

The biolitec flagship—the ELVeS radial laser therapy for the treatment of varicose veins—can also be used with the Leonardo Mini. With its radial (360-degree) two-phase emitting 2ring fibres, it offers a more effective and homogeneous sealing of the veins than traditional therapy procedures, biolitec says.

The new type of ELVeS radial 2ring slim fibre is used in the treatment of the great saphenous vein, the small saphenous vein and, in particular, perforator veins and smaller lateral branches. Besides the new Leonardo Mini, the lasers of the Leonardo Dual series are also part of the biolitec laser family. biolitec believes that the Leonardo Dual Laser is the most versatile medical laser available on the market. It is suitable in the fields of phlebology and proctology as well as for minimally invasive operations in urology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, thorax surgery and pulmonology, and is available in 980nm and 1470nm wavelengths. The output is a maximum of 45 or 200 watts, depending on the type. It is also possible to switch between the different possible applications during the operation. biolitec’s Fusion technology, in which the glass caps of the fibres are solidly fused with the fibre optics rather than simply stuck together, is also unique and allows the technology to withstand high temperatures and stresses during the operation. Anal and coccyx fistulas can also be treated with the FiLaC laser therapy. Because it is possible to introduce the flexible, specially developed laser probes directly into the fistulas and their passages, the surrounding tissue will not be damaged in these cases. This means that there will generally be no open wounds with a long healing time and potentially unattractive scars.

The company notes, “The costs of biolitec therapy are being taken over by more and more statutory health insurance companies, as well as company health insurance funds, and are making the gentle treatment alternatives increasingly attractive for both doctor and patient.”