Bentley invests in new state-of-the-art facilities


Medical technology company Bentley, a developer and manufacturer of devices for the minimally invasive treatment of vascular diseases, has announced that it will officially open its new headquarters on 21 April 2018.

The move to the state-of-the-art facilities, also in Hechingen, South Germany, where the company has been based since its foundation, marks a major milestone in Bentley’s young history and reflects its rapid growth and success.

The new headquarters will house all of Bentley’s operations, from research and development (R&D), quality control and manufacturing to administration, customer service and training. “Bentley has been expanding its market share at a very fast pace and our operations have, therefore, outgrown our old facilities,” says Sebastian Buechert, Sales & Marketing director. “The move to a bigger and more modern space not only enables an increase in production capacity but also offers a better work environment to all Bentley’s employees.”

In the new building, workflows will be streamlined as all steps of production will be concentrated in one site. “The manufacturing area, which is four times bigger than in the old production site, is fully accredited and the first lot of devices built entirely on the new site was dispatched at the end of 2017. Bentley is proud of its credibility delivering products fast and reliably, and increasing capacity means we can improve customer satisfaction even further,” states Hartmut Grathwohl, Bentley’s production manager.

Miko Obradovic, technical director & site manager and one of Bentley’s two founders, comments that the new building will have both immediate and long-term effects on the company’s operations and performance. “Opening our new facilities will allow us to grow even more in the next few years, not only in terms of volume of production for the current portfolio, but also in the development of new products.”

Bentley is committed to research and development and is dedicated to pursuing new regulatory approvals—currently, the R&D team accounts for 20% of the workforce and the quality and regulatory department for 15%. “This is how we have been able to have our products approved in so many countries already, despite our devices being on the market for just over five years now. Following the substantial growth the company is seeing year on year, the new facilities certainly prepare Bentley for future growth,” adds Obradovic.

The new Bentley’s headquarters are located 300 metres away from the company’s previous site. The facilities have been designed incorporating high-end environmentally-friendly features throughout the building. The mayor of Hechingen will participate in the official opening.


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