Avinger receives FDA clearance for Ocelot PIXL


Avinger, a medical device manufacturer of multi-functional imaging catheters for crossing chronic total occlusions in patients with peripheral arterial disease, has received FDA clearance to market Ocelot PIXL in the United States. Just one month after receiving clearance to commercially sell the Ocelot System in the USA, the first-ever chronic total occlusion crossing device with onboard imaging, Avinger debuts its newest member of the Ocelot family.

“With its smaller profile and longer length, Ocelot PIXL is designed to bring all the benefits of Ocelot to help physicians treat more patients with smaller arteries,” said John B Simpson, Avinger founder and CEO. “Because Ocelot PIXL, like the original Ocelot catheter, uses real-time intravascular imaging via optical coherence tomography, I am confident more legs will be saved, and more patients will walk home happy.”

Using Ocelot PIXL, physicians can now navigate lesions with a choice between 135cm or 150cm working length. With its 5F sheath compatibility and reinforced distal coil for precise steerability, Ocelot PIXL goes the extra distance with ease, providing intravascular imaging at all times. Like all Ocelot catheters, Ocelot PIXL is supported by Avinger’s Lightbox console.