Avacen agrees deal to distribute microcirculation wound healing device in India

Avacen 100

Avacen is to partner with Morulaa HealthTech of Chennai, India, to introduce its Avacen 100 class II medical device to the country. Initial focus will be to reduce the number of limb amputations resulting from diabetic foot ulcers.

According to the Diabetic Foot Society in India, every year 200,000 diabetic patients in the country undergo amputations of a leg for inadequately treated diabetic foot ulcers.  This has a devastating impact on those who suffer from the amputation and their personal support systems. In addition, it imposes a large economic burden on public and private healthcare providers.

Avacen recently received CE mark approval to market the Avacen 100 in the EU to increase microcirculation during treatment. The company believes this is the first time a medical device has been approved for improving whole-body microcirculation, according to a press release.

The Avacen 100 is designed to noninvasively and safely infuses heat into the circulatory system forcing the body to dilate peripheral capillaries to radiate off this excess heat.


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