AV Medical announces initial Chameleon PTA balloon catheter US experience



AV Medical has commenced cases in the USA with its Chameleon angioplasty balloon catheter.

With its Supervision design, an AV Medical press release says that Chameleon is “the only angioplasty balloon catheter that allows for simultaneous balloon inflation and injection of fluids in one device. Chameleon allows physicians to visualise by injecting contrast through the catheter, whether the balloon is inflated or deflated, all while maintaining wire position.”

“The Chameleon balloon brings a number of unique advantages to dialysis access cases,” said Jeffrey Hoggard, interventional nephrologist with Capitol Nephrology Associates in Raleigh, NC. “Combining diagnostic imaging and balloon angioplasty in one device simplifies many procedures. I am able to eliminate a number of device exchanges compared to standard balloons. The unique Chameleon design allows me to maintain wire access throughout the entire procedure. This provides an improved level of efficiency and confidence during the procedure.”

“This is a significant milestone for the entire AV Medical team,” said chief executive officer Limor Sandach. “It is exciting to see our hard work and dedication make a difference in clinical settings. We look forward to introducing Chameleon to more centres as part of our limited launch in the USA.”