UK’s first robotic multi-axis C-arm to widen patient access to complex vascular surgery


The Royal Free Hospital in North London has opened the UK’s first advanced interventional imaging system, Artis zeego from Siemens Healthcare. The device, based on robotic technology, will enable the hospital’s vascular surgeons and radiologists to perform highly complex procedures such as vascular surgery for aortic aneurysms without the need for open chest or abdominal surgery. More minimally invasive procedures will lessen patient risk during surgery, reduce after surgery care and hospital stays, plus extend the range of eligible patients to include older and less fit patients.

“The Artis zeego will give us the image detail we need in one system, without having to transfer patients from X-ray to the interventional suite. As well as streamlining the treatment process, we will also be able to deal with more complex cases in a less invasive way,” said George Hamilton, professor of Vascular Surgery at the Royal Free Hospital. “The robotic technology is state-of-the-art and its benefits will extend beyond the operating theatre, enabling us to treat more patients more safely in less time, offer quicker recovery and improved throughput.”


The Artis zeego extends surgical imaging capabilities through its virtually unrestricted C-arm positioning. The extra flexibility allows for advanced cross-sectional imaging not achievable with traditional C-arm systems and enables head-to-toe coverage and multiple work positions.  It also features a variable isocentre, which means the working height of the system can be adjusted to reduce fatigue when performing long surgical procedures. It will be installed in a theatre adjoining two refurbished endolaparoscopic theatres, also equipped with state-of-the-art integrated equipment from Key-Med Olympus. The Royal Free has also installed five interventional suites all with Siemens equipment ensuring familiarity of systems throughout the hospital.


The Royal Free Hospital will also be using Siemens’ syngo DynaCT with the Artis zeego, an application that delivers 3D cross-sectional, large-volume images of a specified area to the tableside within 30 seconds. This versatile solution eliminates the need to transfer patients for pre and post operative imaging, keeping angio and CT suites free for diagnostic use. This means that patients with ruptured aneurysms can be treated in the best environment with expected better survival outcomes, more patients can be treated in less time and throughput is kept consistent. The system can also be parked in a variety of compact positions to make the most efficient use of available space.


“As one of the leading centres for vascular surgery, the Royal Free Hospital is ideally placed to install the first Artis zeego in the UK,” said Susie Guthrie, AX Product Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “Vascular disease is responsible for a significant proportion of all hospital admissions, impacting millions of people. The Artis zee is designed to streamline workflow and create efficiencies to help keep pace with increased interventional volume. It also offers intuitive menus and can be easily controlled with an ergonomic tableside device to open the door to safer, more efficient treatment.”


The Artis zeego was first launched to market at RSNA 2007.