QXMédical announces sponsorship of leading EVAR planning website


QXMédical has announced its sponsorship of EVARplanning.com, an online tool which helps vascular and cardiovascular specialists plan complex endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) procedures.

Developed by Paolo Spada, endovascular surgeon at Humanitas Research Hospital (Milan, Italy), the website assists vascular specialists in planning the optimal EVAR or TEVAR procedure specific to the patient’s unique anatomy. Spada commented, “I thank QXMédical for choosing EVARplanning.com as a partner and, with their support, we will continue to improve our site and expand our user base.”

Introduced in 2014, the simple user-friendly app now includes an extensive database of the most frequently used aortic endografts and assists the user in selecting a case-optimised configuration based on a sophisticated algorithm. Fernando Di Caprio, chief technical officer of QXMédical, said, “Paolo Spada and EVARplanning.com are committed to providing a free comprehensive on-line tool that helps the endovascular community plan complex EVAR procedures. This philosophy is aligned with QXMédical’s vision of simplifying the complex.”

With over 1,300 members, the app has proven to be a useful tool for endovascular surgeons worldwide. In 2016, EVARplanning.com was recognised for its innovation by winning the BioUpper award for entrepreneurial ideas in the field of life science. Spada further commented, “We are passionate about our work and commitment to the endovascular community. We are working with excellent partners to develop a revolutionary machine learning system for the predictive planning and rendering of endovascular procedures, based on our global community experience.”

QXMédical has been involved in EVAR since 2009 with the introduction of its innovative balloon catheter technology. The QXMédical Q50 PLUS stent graft balloon catheter is a leading aortic endograft moulding balloon with unique features making it ideal for both complex and straightforward procedures. The device is available in the USA, Canada and Europe.