Multilayer stent seems promising for aneurysms


The multilayer stent, a new technology, was presented by Dr Michel Henry. According to Henry, the device thromboses physiologically all types and sizes of aneurysm. He described the technology, consisting of a 3D braided tube made of two interconnected layers without any covering.
In the treatment of a renal aneurysm in a 75 year-old patient, at 30 months follow-up angiography showed excellent patency of the stent, with a normal kidney and a total disappearance of the aneurysm. In five patients (mean age 68 years) with iliac aneurysms, the technical success of the multilayer stent was 100%. Henry said that the first human study in peripheral aneurysm is ongoing, and that further studies are planned for abdominal aortic aneurysms, thoracic, intracranial, and for abdominal or thoracic dissections.
Henry included that the multilayer stent keeps all collateral sizes patent with inflow improvement (laminated flow), creates a physiological barrier (monofibrotic strata layered by endothelial cells) between the disease artery wall and the main stream flow.