Mechanical blood clot removal system helps clean up patient’s leg


Andre Bouhasin, an interventional cardiologist with West County Heart and Vascular Diagnostics, St Louis, Missouri, USA, used a novel device to remove blood clots and emboli from a protective filter and native arteries to restore blood flow in a patient’s leg.

The patient presented with leg pain after having two arterial stents previously placed in their leg. After an angiogram revealed fresh clot inside the stents, the physician decided to place a protective arterial filter and perform aspiration atherectomy to restore flow.

Arterial filters are small protective baskets that capture clots and atherectomy is a procedure to remove occlusive plaque from a vessel. If a protective filter completely fills with emboli, the filter can be difficult to remove without risking downstream embolisation.

“During this procedure, the large amount of blood clot and emboli in the vessel quickly filled the filter,” says Bouhasin. “We decided to use an ASPIRE MAX 5 Mechanical Thrombectomy System to selectively remove emboli in the filter and then aspirate additional blood clots from the vessel. The ASPIRE system was easy-to-use and allowed us to remove a significant amount of clot and emboli.”

According to a company release, the ASPIRE Mechanical Thrombectomy System allows clinicians to instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, pulse, or maintain thrombectomy force during a procedure. ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirators also aspirate up to 280ml, almost 10 times more than basic syringe-based systems, without multiple messy and time-consuming catheter connections, disconnections, and re-connections to improve speed and performance.

“The ASPIRE MAX 5 Mechanical Thrombectomy System can improve performance during a variety of procedures,” says Shawn Fojtik, chief executive officer of Control Medical Technology. “Selectively removing large clot burden is not easy. ASPIRE technology meets this challenge by giving clinicians more thrombectomy force control with improved volume and speed. ASPIRE can be an economic win too for the institution costing less than other thrombectomy systems with reduced set-up costs, maintenance issues, and procedural times.”

The patented ASPIRE MAX Mechanical Thrombectomy System includes an ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirator (drive unit/pump) and over-the-wire thrombectomy catheters. ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirators are available alone and may be connected to any thrombectomy catheter the clinician chooses.