Founder of Straub Medical passed away


Immanuel Straub, founder of Straub Federnfabrik AG, Straub Kupplungen AG, Straub Holding AG and Straub Medical AG, passed away on Saturday 31 of March 2012 at the age of 82. 

Immanuel Straub was an extraordinary engineer and entrepreneur. The variety of his activities, his technical innovations, his entrepreneurial vision and his provident leadership facilitated his global success in various industries.

Lifetime achievements

In the 1950s, Immanuel Straub modernised technical spring manufacturing, which since the outbreak of the II World War had hardly seen any advancement. To a variety of industries, most notably the automotive industry, he provided newly designed machines for spring production, high-performance springs produced on those new machines, and modern devices and products made possible by the new components. Additionally, he licensed various inventions and patents to large companies with international market access.

In 1967, he founded Straub Kupplungen AG, which produces and markets the legendary Straub pipe couplings.

In the 1990s, Immanuel Straub established a holding company to bundle his shareholdings. In 1998 he decided to accept an international corporate’s bid for his group of companies. He excluded his most recently founded company, Straub Medical AG, from this sale and made it an independent company.

In the 15 years since its founding, Straub Medical AG has become a leading international company in the medical devices sector with the production and distribution of its minimally invasive rotational catheters.

In 1998, Immanuel Straub won the Lilienberg-Award. With its award, the Lilienberg foundation honors an entrepreneurial personality whose merits are based on an outstanding personal entrepreneurial achievement.

“Immanuel Straub left an impressive lifetime legacy,” said Hans Jakob Nold, vice chairman of the Supervisory Board of Straub Medical AG. “In his 58 years of entrepreneurship, he has always looked for solutions others have said do not exist. Mr Straub found these solutions, and with extraordinary entrepreneurial vision, made each of them a global commercial success.”

Gido M Karges, Managing Director, Straub Medical AG, commented: “In Immanuel Straub, we lose an extraordinary engineer, entrepreneur and personality, as well as our good-hearted patron. His example consigns high expectations to us, which our employees and the management will endeavour to meet in highest veneration of the deceased. We will carry on our tasks in his tradition and always honor his memory. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his widow and family.”

In compliance with Straub’s wishes, Straub Medical AG will continue to operate as a privately held family business.