CID launches new endovascular products for the treatment of peripheral vascular diseases


CID has started commercialisation of Nimble, a percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) balloon for the endovascular treatment of peripheral arteries, as well as Easy Flype and Easy HiFlype which are self expandable peripheral stents used in the treatment of the superficial femoral artery and iliac arteries.

Nimble is a 0.035’’ compatible OTW PTA with balloons diameters available in a range from 5 to 12 mm and lengths from 20 to 80 mm. Nimble offers great pushability and trackability thanks to the high kink resistant shaft, the proprietary PolynPTM balloon material and the hydrophilic coating (SlipSkinTM).


This is the first PTA released by CID and will follow a line of 0.014” compatible PTAs.


Easy Flype and Easy HiFlype feature iCarbofilmTM integral coating technology on the stent surface. This innovative technology brings an even closer similarity to the diamond structure of pure carbon and its exceptional bio/haemo compatibility. This is relevant in the treatment of long lesions, with indication for long stenting, where both vessel wall and blood flow are exposed to a greater surface of metal. Furthermore, the iCarbofilmTM coating acts as a seal against the release of heavy metal ions like nickel from the nitinol alloy.


Easy Flype and Easy HiFlype hybrid cellular design guarantees flexibility, conformability, high uniform radial force and optimal scaffolding.