New exhibitors at CX 31


Every year, new exhibitors see the CX Symposium as an excellent opportunity to showcase their products and services to an internationalaudience of medical professionals.


Simbionix develops and delivers innovative virtual reality simulation products and solutions for clinical education and training of medical professionals. The company’s products are designed to accelerate best-practice medical training, advance clinical performance, and improve patient safety. Established in 1997 by a small group of individuals with a multidisciplinary background in marketing, software programming, and 3D graphics, the company developed the GI Mentor, the industry’s first computer-based simulator for training endoscopic procedures skills. Since then, Simbionix has launched a complete line of medical simulators, which provide medical professionals with hands-on training in a comprehensive array of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

AGA Medical Corporation

AGA Medical Corporation is dedicated to the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of nitinol-based occlusion devices and accessories for the minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular defects and peripheral vascular disease. AGA Medical is a privately-held medical technology company headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA. The company has offices in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Argentina, and Hong Kong, and provides its medical devices through direct sales and distribution agreements in over 100 countries. The company was founded in 1995 based on the creative and engineering genius of Dr Kurt Amplatz, who recognised the potential of nitinol alloy as a material to make highly flexible, structurally sound occlusion devices for repairing holes in the heart interior wall, or septum, between the atria and ventricles. Amplatz invented the Amplatzer Septal Occluder for closing atrial septal defect.


AngioDynamics is a provider of medical devices used by interventional radiologists, surgeons, and other physicians for the minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of cancer and peripheral vascular disease. The company was founded in Queensbury in 1988.

In January 2007, AngioDynamics entered the interventional oncology market through its US$220 million acquisition of RITA Medical Systems. AngioDynamics now boasts a diverse product line that includes market-leading radiofrequency ablation systems, vascular access products, angiographic products and accessories, dialysis products, angioplasty products, drainage products, thrombolytic products, embolization products and venous products.

CeloNova Biosciences

CeloNova BioSciences creates solutions for complex technological and biomedical problems. One of the key benefits of Polyzene-F, the company’s core product, is the body’s inability to recognise the presence of a device coated with the polymer, and it certainly represents a new breakthrough in polymer technology. There are numerous applications for Polyzene-F, but company founders quickly decided that the greatest benefit would be realised in the field of medical devices. The company works closely with doctors to develop products with the features doctors need and which will deliver the maximum benefit to patients. Embozene Color-Advanced Microspheres are approved for use in the USA and in countries who accept CE certification. The Catania Coronary Stent System with NanoThin Polyzene-F is approved in the countries where the CE mark is accepted.

ClearStream Technologies

ClearStream Technologies develops and manufactures medical devices used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists, and vascular surgeons in angioplasty procedures. The company’s products are used to clear blockages in two distinct areas of the vascular system: coronary arteries and peripheral arteries. ClearStream supplies both bare metal and drug eluting coronary stents. The Intrepide drug-eluting stent system elutes Trapidil and may offer lower risk of thrombosis than the current generation of cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs.

Recently, ClearStream has introduced a unique design concept, used in catheters to treat serious occlusions in various arteries. The ReeKross family of PTA catheters is used to treat critical limb ischemia and the EzeCTO catheter to treat coronary chronic total occlusions. The company is situated in Co. Wexford on Ireland’s Southeast coast.

Dialog Devices

Dialog Devices’ main focus is on design, development and commercialisation of non-invasive biomedical health technology. The first application, Padd, is aimed at assessing peripheral arterial disease for preventing heart attacks and strokes. Trading since 2003 by supplying its core optoelectronic technology and expertise to other early stage biomedical device companies, and building its product base of non-invasive blood perfusion assessment devices.


Enverdis provides solutions for cardiovascular diagnostics, ophthalmology, and optometry. The company focuses on noninvasive, stress-free procedures for improved early diagnostics and progress monitoring in general practice. Among the products are solutions for cardiovascular function diagnostics and ophthalmology, early detection, progress monitoring, and risk screening for atherosclerotic and diabetic cardiac and vascular diseases. The Vascular Explorer provides automatic calculation of the ankle brachial index and augmentation index to diagnose peripheral arterial occlusive disease, arteriosclerosis, and vascular age/rigidity; automatic measurement, parameterisation, and reports of findings for photoplethysmographic pulse curves at the earlobes, fingers, and toes (2-6 channels simultaneously); optional 3/6C rest electrocardiogram, including automatic measurement and reports of findings (HES algorithms); and optional cardiogoniometry per Sanz (stress-free ischaemia diagnosis in five minutes, accuracy comparable to ergometry; automatic interpretation).


Founded in 2007, InaVein’s mission is to develop and commercialise a family of innovative products to treat the full spectrum of vein disorders. The Trivex System – Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy, uses a direct visualisation technique to completely remove varicose veins in a shorter period of time compared to conventional phlebectomy procedures. The Tumescent Catheter Inversion (TCI) System provides a device to quickly remove the greater saphenous vein with less trauma and pain. The Tumescent Enhanced Sclerotherapy (TES) System provides a convenient method to more effectively treat spider veins.


Maquet is a subsidiary of the publicly-listed Swedish group of companies Getinge AB – Maquet brand represents the medical systems division. With the two other business areas, ArjoHuntleigh Extended Care and Getinge Infection Control, the Getinge group focuses on forward-looking medical technology. Worldwide, Maquet ranks among the leading providers of medical technology for emergency rooms, operating rooms and intensive care units. As a result of the acquisition of Datascope by Getinge AB, the Maquet Cardiovascular product portfolio now includes the market leading intra-aortic balloon pump systems as well as the vascular prosthetic business from Datascope. Maquet has 30 subsidiaries on all the continents and with over 200 specialist distributors and partner companies. Centres of excellence are located in Germany, France and Sweden.


Nicast develops implantable medical devices made of electrospun polymer nanofabrics for a wide range of applications. Nicast’s first two products, the AVflo vascular access graft and NovaMesh ventral hernia mesh demonstrate the versatility of electrospun nanofabric as a biomaterial from which medical devices with superior properties can be made. The AVflo is intended for patients with end-stage renal failure (kidney failure) who must undergo haemodialysis treatment. The NovaMesh is intended to repair ventral (abdominal) hernias.

Nicast has long identified the significant potential of electrospinning technology and biomaterials and has been working to apply this technology to a wide range of medical applications. Additional products in the Nicast pipeline include a nucleus pulposus augmentation hydrogel for herniated discs – implantable via a truly minimally invasive spinal procedure; a smooth cylindrical nonmetal stent that can be made drug-eluting and biodegradeable; and advanced drug release devices.


Pluromed, Woburn, USA, founded in 2003, is an early-stage medical technology company pioneering the use of injectable plugs to improve the safety, efficacy and economics of medical interventions. The company develops, manufactures and markets a family of disposable medical devices and its core competencies lie in its proprietary polymer technology, the manufacturing of these polymers, and a robust understanding of their clinical applications due in part to its outstanding medical advisory board.

Pluromed’s core strategy is targeted at the use of its devices to control bleeding during surgery. These products address a broad surgery market that includes cardiac and vascular surgery, prostate, kidney and liver surgery, plastic reconstructive surgery and trauma/battlefield applications. A secondary strategy is the use of these devices in the treatment of kidney stones.

The products are based on the company’s patented rapid reverse thermosensitive polymer technology. The polymers are liquid at low temperature and quickly transition to a high viscosity gel at body temperature.

Smari – Strategic Marketing Research

Since 1983, Strategic Marketing & Research (Smari) offers personalised research-based marketing solutions to the unique challenges facing business professionals. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Smari is a mid-sized, full-service custom marketing research firm offering valued clients timely, affordable and reliable marketing insight. The company’s core competencies are marketing research applications, data collection methodologies, data processing services, and analytical techniques.

All research and technology is provided in-house. With a full-time staff of over 20 professionals, and an interviewing staff of over 100, Smari can adjust to client volume demands. Smari offers both a state-of-the-art call centre and focus group suite on site as well as extensive online interviewing capabilities. In the marketing research, the company works with advertising effectiveness, branding research, conversion research, customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement, customer value assessment, employee satisfaction studies, market assessment, market segmentation, and new product validation.


Tayside Flow Technologies (TFT) is a medical technology company focused on the development of vascular devices based on a new understanding of blood flow dynamics, Spiral Laminar Flow, a proprietary platform technology developed by TFT. This technology is based on modification of the physical properties of commercially available synthetic graft and stents, which will reduce downstream turbulence and wall pressure, resulting in a reduction in neointimal hyperplasia and the occurrence and rate of restenosis.

TFT aims to develop innovative products to address unmet clinical needs in this £11 billion (US$18 billion) market with annual growth rates of 10%. The process of blockage at graft-vessel join and within vascular stents is driven to a large part by disturbed flow. TFT grafts and stents delivering less turbulent energy by utilising spiral laminar flow will improve device patency, prolong the effective life of devices, reduce downstream disease progression, and improve patient quality of life.


Volcano Corporation develops, manufactures and commercialises a broad suite of devices designed to facilitate endovascular procedures, enhance the diagnosis of vascular and structural heart disease and guide optimal therapies.

The company’s intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) product line includes ultrasound consoles that can be integrated directly into virtually any modern cath lab and single-use disposable imaging catheters unique to our system. The company’s IVUS offerings are used by clinicians to measure the stage and severity of disease present in cardiac and peripheral vessels. IVUS is also used in post-stent placement procedures to confirm adequate expansion of the stent and full apposition to the vessel wall. Volcano IVUS offers unique features, including both phased array and rotational IVUS imaging catheters and advanced functionality options, such as VH IVUS tissue characterisation, ChromaFlo and fractional flow reserve technology.

Volcano provides functional measurement consoles and single-use pressure and flow guide wires, which are used to gauge the impact of arterial plaque on blood flow and pressure. The company is also developing a line of ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography systems and catheters, Forward Looking IVUS catheters and other image-guided therapy products.

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