Hansen Medical and Philips reinforce collaboration in robotic systems for endovascular interventions


Hansen Medical, and Royal Philips have announced that they have reached an important milestone in their long-term collaboration by securing certified compatibility between Hansen Medical’s Magellan Robotic System and Philips’ Allura interventional X-ray systems. According to a company release, article 12 compatibility covers specific technical and service requirements, and means that the Magellan Robotic System is compatible with Philips’ Allura live image-guidance systems when used according to instructions.

According to the company, the Magellan Robotic System uses advanced technology to navigate peripheral vessels. The Magellan Robotic System’s proprietary robotic catheter technology is designed to deliver stability and distal tip control of a catheter and sheath, as well as robotic control of standard guidewires. When using the Magellan Robotic System, the physician is seated away from the radiation source and can perform key elements of the procedure while seated in a centralised, remote workstation.

In the release it was said that Philips began collaborating with Hansen Medical on the development of the Magellan Robotic System in 2010. Hansen Medical subsequently has received the CE mark for the system in 2011 and 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in mid-2012.

“We are pleased to secure this important certification with Philips, our longstanding imaging partner for our robotic systems,” said Bruce Barclay, president and CEO of Hansen Medical. “Article 12 compatibility ensures seamless coordination and integration of the Magellan Robotic System with Philips’ most advanced live-image guidance systems for our hospital and physician customers, enabling greater access to innovative solutions.”

“In addition to improving patient outcomes, Philips is committed to reducing the cost and increasing the speed and safety of image-guided interventions and therapies through collaboration and meaningful innovation,” said Bert van Meurs, senior vice president, general manager Integrated Clinical Solutions and Marketing at Imaging Systems, Philips Healthcare. “We believe that robotic-assisted interventional techniques have great potential, which is why we have been collaborating with Hansen Medical for many years now. We continue to strive for seamless integration of our own and our partners’ innovations to deliver meaningful clinical solutions for our customers.”

The Magellan System is currently the only robotic system on the market intended for use in the peripheral vasculature, according to the company.