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LEG-DEB registry reports encouraging six-month interim analysis for LegFlow

Six-month interim analysis of the Legflow drug-eluting balloon for the treatment of femoropopliteal occlusions (LEG-DEB) registry indicates that “the use of a new generation...


Advances and challenges in the treatment of deep vein thrombosis

The goal of management of venous thromboembolic disease is to prevent thrombus extension or embolisation and to prevent early and late episodes of recurrence....

Ultrasound-enhanced catheter-directed thrombolysis as the standard of care for acute DVT

Ash Verma, Clearwater, USA, writes how last year, he happened upon a routine case that struck him as both totally unremarkable and absolutely extraordinary....


Ian Loftus, Co-chairman CX Abstract Board, reviews the highlights of this year’s CX Abstract Presentations session. He emphasises the quality of the work submitted and how relevant it is for young and senior clinicians to present their research at...


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